Schotse bergen, three Sisters Scotland - Foto: Rob Dullaart
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Sounds for your soul

Why sounds for your soul? You can read more about this on my site on the page on singing bowls in the menu under "My experience". But I choose the title Sounds for your soule because of that everybody has her/his own vibration. Myself I learned about my vibe by meeting MY singing bowl.

Several occasions I was asked to make my own website, I already have the space reserved for over a year. Until now I wasn't very active in working on my own site. Finally I found the time to set it up. I will edit this site from time to time to let you know what I am doing. Who am I? I am Rob. From late 2008 I am aware there is a lightworld, guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed over. I used to be a teacher Electro-technique, at this moment I work in ICT. So I am with both feet on the ground with my roots deep in the earth.

This year (2011) I planned to give some singing bowl concerts. And I will announce them on my agenda page. There are also my other activities.

The site is reachable via and I am curious to your reaction.....